Make Homemade Cleaning Products

So here’s an idea for an activity that will save some single use plastic and money as well! What’s not to like?

There are many recipes on the internet for household cleaning products, but if you don’t already make your own, come along to our next Repair and Reuse Cafe to find out how. We will start in November with a multi-surface spray, which just uses a few simple ingredients and is quick to make.

Reuse this!

So wash out a few empty plastic bottles (preferably one of them should have a spray top) and bring them along, and for a small charge (about 25p) to cover the cost of the ingredients, you can take home a bottle of household cleaning spray. You can even buy some ingredients to make more at home once your bottle is empty if you wish. At subsequent repair cafes we can tackle other products.

Wellingborough Eco Group is planning to hold quarterly Repair and Reuse Cafes at Glamis Hall. The next Repair Cafe is on the 11th January. People will bring in broken items, where we will repair what we can and re-purpose or reuse other items. For more information see our Repair Cafe page.