Suzanna AUSTIN – Liberal Democrats

Suzanna Austin is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Wellingborough constituency in the General Election on Thursday 12 December 2019.

Responses to Extinction Rebellion’s Demands:

  1. Tell The Truth – Yes
  2. Net Zero By 2025 – No, 2045 or sooner
  3. Citizens Assembly – Yes

Read Suzanna’s full response to our demands here.

Climate Statement:

“I have run an environmentally friendly cleaning company in the constituency for 8 years – where we were one of the first in sector to pay living wage, to not use solvents in carpet cleaning, to source plant-based surfactants for oven cleaning and to source domestic cleaning products that are not just cruelty free but fully vegan. I went eco-friendly because it was the right thing to do, at a time when everyone said it couldn’t be done and wasn’t viable. I know that with innovative thought and a radical will, we can make real difference. But it will take everyone, together, making those steps. Achieving net zero carbon isn’t a simple policy, it has to be at the heart of every policy at every level, from parish council to international deals. If I am elected as your MP, I will raise these issues at Westminster and keep talking about them here in Wellingborough and Rushden as well. It isn’t enough to simply win commitments, as we have seen on air quality legislation, but Governments and councils of all colours need to be constantly challenged to deliver.”


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