Marion TURNER-HAWES – Green Party

Marion Turner-Hawes is the Green Party candidate for the Wellingborough constituency in the General Election on Thursday 12 December 2019.

Responses to Extinction Rebellion’s Demands:

  1. Tell The Truth – Yes
  2. Net Zero By 2025 – No, 2030
  3. Citizens Assembly – Yes

Read Marion’s full response to our demands here.

Climate Statement:

“I will work tirelessly to help our community and nation achieve net zero by 2025. But the likely reality is that, even given the ambitious plan of the Green Party, it is unlikely that we will be able to do this before 2030. Our plan for the future starts and ends with protecting the planet and all life on Earth, by creating sustainable and mutually supportive ways of living for all.  Our manifesto sets out the structural changes required and lays the foundations to do this.  Our aims are not an ‘add’ on, they are the purpose of our work, and they offer a new way of living.  I invite you to read our manifesto in detail and recognise the sustainability revolution that we are proposing. The Green Party Manifesto treats the Climate Crisis like it is an emergency, with £100 billion pounds of investment for a Green future for the U.K. every year for the next ten years. This is a plan from a Political Party that really wants to do everything possible to help us avoid the worst excesses of global warming and which also tackles poverty, inequality, the housing crisis, health inequalities, low income and the benefits nightmare head on. I hope that you see in this election, the importance of voting for candidates and a party which puts our response to the Climate Emergency at the heart of our plans for government.  I hope you will support me on 12th December, and decide that this is the time to vote Green; and you wish to support my campaign, I would love to hear from you.  It takes a great deal of work, finance and commitment to stand for Parliament, and any help you are able to offer, particularly practical help, would be greatly appreciated.”