Andrea WATTS – Labour Party

Andrea Watts is the Labour Party candidate for the Wellingborough constituency in the General Election on Thursday 12 December 2019.

Responses to Extinction Rebellion’s Demands:

  1. Tell The Truth – Yes
  2. Net Zero By 2025 – No, between 2030 and 2040
  3. Citizens Assembly – Yes

Climate Statement:

To those who say climate change is not a  problem, I say this you’re so wrong. Climate change is already causing massive damage to our world. It is not slowing down,every one of us must take action to try to reverse this disaster. Some of the world’s poorest countries are already suffering from its effects, with rising sea levels leading to loss of land and flooding.

Even wealthy Australia is experiencing its worst and longest droughts in history. Extreme weather of all kinds is on the increase, no serious scientist doubts any of this.In our personal lives, in our local communities our nation, we must take responsibility and show leadership to others.

Parliament has declared a ‘Climate Emergency’, but there will be little or no real action unless we have a new government. Labour’s green Industrial revolution will prove that taking action is not only good for the world and planet, it’s good for jobs and communities too. It’s sound, sensible economic policy that will put hundreds of thousands to work.

As your MP, I will make sure that we take local action, like planting trees and re-building our bus service’s, and I’ll be there in Parliament to support real national action, to show the world how tackling this emergency really can be done.