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Banks Protest

Activists from Extinction Rebellion protested outside Barclays and HSBC in Wellingborough tonight, highlighting the banks’ appalling record of financing fossil fuels.

Posters and stickers were attached to their branches in the town centre to let people know what they are funding.

Splitting for the Future- Wellingborough Eco Group

After much debate, we are separating Wellingborough Eco Group and Extinction Rebellion Wellingborough. The overwhelming feeling was that this is the logical thing to do, for three reasons:

  1. So that both groups can be more effective by focusing on their own activities.
  2. To allow the Eco Group to accept donations.
  3. To grow membership of both groups.

Moving forward, we want to ensure Wellingborough Eco Group is a group that is run collectively, we want everyone to join in. Your ideas are and skills are important to us, every member counts!

The focus of the group will continue to be based around sustainability and the environment. Our events are still about helping and encouraging people to become more sustainable whilst improving the environment locally. But what do is up to you…

On Thursday night we are holding a virtual Wellingborough Eco Group General Meeting. This will start at 7:30, on Zoom and is due to last 40 minutes.

Join us via

Meeting ID: 916 7827 9718
Password: Eco

Anyone can get involved, any member can propose an event and we welcome everyone’s ideas. With your involvement, events like these could be coming soon:-

♻️ Clothes Swap
🌍 Sustainability Advice Sessions
🧶 Crotchet Eco Make-Up Wipes
🦔 Introduction to Hedgehogs
🧼 Green Cleaning
🌱 Plant Swap
🌲 Tree Planting
🌳 Willow Weaving Workshop
🍸 Green Drinks
♻ Litter Picking
🔧 Repair Cafe
🌻 Community Allotment

Thank you to everyone involved for making this possible. See you on Thursday 💚

CEE Bill Alliance

Climate and Ecological 
Emergency Bill

Join the campaign Donate

On the 12th August we launched the campaign for the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) bill. This is a Private Members’ Bill, and taking it through parliament will be a hard-fought process but it has been done before with major climate legislation. This is an alliance bill that has been written by scientists, lawyers and activists; it is gathering support from a broad range of campaign groups, businesses, charities and individuals. The bill has the potential to become the most significant move forward since the Climate Change Act 2008.

Join the campaign

Animation by Amy Kate Wolfe and Hannah McNally. Music by Daniel Blake

“This Bill outlines the path needed to avoid the catastrophe outlined by the United Nations… it is farsighted aiming to protect those at risk now and in the future.”

Kumi Naidoo, former International Executive Director of Greenpeace International and Secretary General of Amnesty International.

Your support will help grow a strong campaign through grassroots action and alliance-building until MPs back the campaign and an overwhelming parliamentary majority passes the bill.



In a nutshell, the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill calls for:

  • the UK to make and enact a serious plan. This means dealing with our real fair share of emissions so that we don’t go over critical global rises in temperature
  • our entire carbon footprint be taken into account (in the UK and overseas)
  • the protection and conservation of nature here and overseas along supply chains, recognising the damage we cause through the goods we consume
  • those in power not to depend on technology to save the day, which is used as an excuse to carry on polluting as usual
  • ordinary people to have a real say on the way forward in a citizens’ assembly with bite

CEE bill

“I welcome this campaign for a new Bill on the climate and ecological emergency […]

We can’t wait until 2050 to reach net zero – we will have long missed the moment by then if we are to limit the global average temperature rise to 1.5C. That has to be the goal and is a welcome focus of this Bill.

We are all in this together. We need to come together in our response”

Caroline Lucas, MP


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CEE Bill Alliance

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General Meeting

Join us online for a Extinction Rebellion Wellingborough / Wellingborough Eco Group General Meeting on Tuesday September 1st from 7:30pm. We are going to be on Zoom at and use the password Eco

Do join us for networking, news, chat and new friends; and be part of a growing global network where local people push for and build a sustainable future. The meeting will follow an agenda, which will be published before the start.

We have plenty to talk about, including a report from the first day of the rebellion in London, our Keep Britain Tidy litter pick to plan for and progress on the environment by the borough council. Everyone is invited!

No Going Back

There were 15 XR Wellingborough members and family and friends for a most successful peaceful protest on Saturday outside the Swanspool council offices on Saturday 30 May at 12.00. There were similar protests at the same time elsewhere in Northamptonshire and nationwide. We had banners and placards with our messages telling the council that we do not want to go back to normal when the Coronavirus crisis is over. It seems that the normal may have helped to cause the virus but certainly spread it globally with our over reliance on air travel. It seems clear that there have been more cases and deaths in areas with higher air pollution.

We stood in silence for 10 minutes and then had photos taken which were posted on social media. A reporter was there from The Northampton Chronicle and his report is on their website. You can read it by clicking on the headline on the left hand side of the page.

We contacted the Wellingborough police beforehand and I had a phone call with one of their officers about our proposal. Strictly speaking the protest was illegal as we were trespassing on council property and we were an assembly of more than two people, even though we arrived singly or in household groups, wore masks and gloves, were silent and stayed more than 3 metres apart. Although we are allowed to protest peacefully under the Human Rights Act this can be overruled under an emergency such as the Covid 19 situation. The officer had to consult with his superiors who did not ban the protest and he and a colleague were there, but stayed discreetly in the background as much to protect us against any possible troublemakers as to stop our protest getting out of hand. Luckily neither of these happened and we thank them for their support.

The protest will be following up by contacting the council and reiterating our demand for them to declare a climate emergency. Now that we have another year before the elections for the unitary authority and the town council we want the Wellingborough Borough Council to reconvene their climate change working group, to produce a new report on concrete proposals with measurable targets to reduce carbon emissions in Wellingborough. This should be followed by a council meeting so that action can be taken. There is a lot that the council can and should do in a year and they will leave their legacy for the new councils.

We will be meeting online to discuss our proposals which we will publish on this blog and on social media. In the meanwhile it would be great if you could send us your ideas for making Wellingborough a cleaner and greener place to live in. You might have a suggestion for the whole borough or an idea for something simple in your own area. We have all enjoyed the peace and quiet of the last few weeks, the sound of the birds and the cleaner air and we don’t want to go back to how it was before.

Virtual Green Drinks – Wellingborough Eco Group

Corona Virus update – We are going online during the viral pandemic. Join us online on Tuesday April 28th from 7:30pm at

Many of us are working to tidy up our neighbourhoods or for a fossil-free future for all our children. But it’s hard, often dispiriting work; renewing & making new friendships, in a relaxed setting is a great way to chill. That’s where Green Drinks comes in!

Join us on Tuesday 28th April for our second event, no agenda, just like minded people, who care about the environment, meeting for a ‘Green Drink’ and a chat.

Do join us for networking, news, chat and new friends; and be part of a growing global network where local people push for and build a sustainable future. Everyone is invited!

Join our online meeting on Tuesday 28th April from 7:30pm at

Axe Drax

The Axe Drax action is now over for the time being, but you can still write to your MP to demand that the government stops subsidising the burning of wood pellets in power stations as this is not a carbon neutral process. Instead they should subsidise genuine renewable sources such as solar, wind and tide.

Here is the link to the Michael Moore film “Planet of the Humans” which explores this and other issues and is free to watch on YouTube for the next three weeks:

Virtual Green Drinks – Wellingborough Eco Group

Wellingborough Eco Group are hosting Green Drinks evenings, and these events are open to everyone in Northamptonshire.  We are simply running new friendly group meetings every month and we are going online during the viral pandemic.  The aim is to create a space where people who care about the environment can chat.

Do join us for networking, news, chat and new friends; and be part of a growing global network where local people push for and build a sustainable future. Everyone is invited, there is no agenda, this is all about you and what we can do environmentally locally in a friendly and positive way.  Do join us!

Corona Virus update – We are going online during the viral pandemic.

Join like minded local people for VIRTUAL GREEN DRINKS on the last Tuesday of the month for networking, news, or just to chat and make new friends. Join our online meeting on Tuesday March 31st from 7:30pm at

‘VIRTUAL’ GREEN DRINKS with Wellingborough Eco Group

Minutes from General Meeting on 3rd March

The meeting was attended by 7 people.  Attendees were Suzanne, Anthony, Jane, Derek, Karen, Andrea and Jonathan.  The meeting was chaired by Jonathan.  Attendees introduced themselves and Extinction Rebellion. The group focused on the following XR activities and Wellingborough Eco Group.

1- Protest, our first priority!

Our key focuses for action were decided to be (with actions are being arranged):

  1. Borough Council of Wellingborough (no climate emergency and no action)
  2. Peter Bone and Westminster government (no action, opposed to climate action)
  3. Shell (due to the nonsense that they are claiming to sell climate neutral fuels)

Attendees discussed the XR Northampton protest at Barclaycard and the Greenpeace at Barclays Bank in Northampton.  It was noted that a tougher approach to XRN protestors had been taken by the police, but the general feeling was that it was a point well made.

Events elsewhere were discussed: Drop-In, Tech Support & Rebel Ringing – XRMK 10th March Tue 6pm Trinity Centre Fishermead, Milton Keynes. Non-Violent Direct Action Training – XRN 14th March 10am, Abington Community Centre, Northampton. Funeral March – XR Kettering Saturday 21st March

2- Wellingborough Eco Group

We talked about the following upcoming events:

– Repair Café, Saturday 14th March Clamis Hall 9-12

– Litter Pick (Great British Spring Clean), Croyland Gardens, Saturday 28th March 10-12

– Green Drinks, Tuesday 31st March 7:30pm here at the Queens Head.

– Eco Map of Wellingborough is now live! New local eco-friendly services mentioned will be added.

We also shared the  Swanspool Gardens AGM, 17 Doddington Road, Monday 9th March 7pm-9pm

We looked at our past activities and updates from other groups activities that members have taken part in:

– Become a Local Councillor, 19th February, 17 attended, WIN being set up…

– Green Drinks, Tuesday 25th February, 5 attended, lively conversations including WIN

– Litter Pick, Eastfield Park and Finedon Road Copse, Saturday 29th February, 16 pickers collected three van loads (1500kg!) including a TV, 3 shopping trolleys, 2 mattresses, a knife, lots of tyres and lots of bottles, cans and crisp packets.

– Litter Pick, Barton Womble and Friends, collected 40 sacks of litter on Sunday 1st March.

We discussed in detail whether the eco group should be independent of XRW, to allow sponsorship of our litter picks, in particular with Morrison’s for the March Litter Pick.  Attendees generally thought that it was more important to keep the association that the eco group has with XRW, to promote the work of both, rather than benefit from sponsorship that may not be justifiable in the future.

Jonathan also gave us an update on the conversation Julian is having with the management of Morrisons, on behalf of Wellingborough Eco Group, about shopping trolleys ending up in the brook, who are promising to take action on this.

– Facebook Group now has 320 members (up 18 from two weeks ago)

Mutual support for members trying to achieve a zero carbon footprint this month included discussion about recycling and other eco services, with a small group going to organise a trip to Northamptinshire Wood Recycling CIC in Northampton.

3- Lobbying, social media, admin and AOB:

The group discussed The Song Thrush online Daily newspaper that we publish, that updates from local and national XR social media sources  – the latest issue can be found at

Attendees talked about XRW General Meeting clashes with Wellingborough Green Drinks, also held on Tuesday nights.  The group agreed a simple solution to this; our general meetings will now take place on the first and third Tuesdays of every month, with Green Drinks taking place on the last Tuesday of the month.  This was also thought to make it easier for members to remember all of our dates.

– Facebook page, 166 up from 164 likes, (186 followers)

– Twitter @XRWboro, 419 up from 366 followers (up 53!)

Your Views, Summary and End of Meeting:

– Everyone talked about what they felt they have achieved from this meeting.

– The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 17th March at 7:30pm at the Queens Head