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Wellingborough Hustings

Glamis Hall and members from Extinction Rebellion Wellingborough organised an event during this year’s General Election campaign to give local people the opportunity to meet the candidates and to ask them questions about their views and policies on issues that matter to them.

The event was called ‘Wellingborough Hustings’ and it took place on Thursday 5th December at 7:30pm in Glamis Hall, Goldsmith Road, Wellingborough NN8 3RU.

We have been covering the General Election 2019 on this website. The links for the candidates go to their Climate Election profile. The candidates for the General Election on Thursday 12 December 2019 in the Wellingborough constituency are:

Suzanna Austin – Liberal Democrats

Peter Bone – Conservative Party

Marion Turner-Hawes – Green Party

Andrea Watts – Labour Party

Three out of the four candidates attended. Unfortunately the Conservative candidate, Peter Bone, refused to reply to our invites and then told us in his office that he would not attend because Extinction Rebellion were involved.

You can watch Wellingborough Hustings in full below:

Wellingborough Hustings at Glamis Hall (recorded by Simon Turner)

A report in The Northants Telegraph, titled ‘Boneless Hustings in Wellingborough’ stated ‘despite the absence of the Conservative who will be defending a 12,460 majority, there was plenty of meat on the bone to the hustings as the female candidates gave their views on the issue most concerning Wellingborough people.’

‘Rail services, homelessness, hate crime, and of course Brexit were the topics of questioning put forward by the audience at Glamis Hall.’ The article can be read in full on their website.

We would like to say thank you for a great hustings to the candidates that took part, you all showed that you are an excellent alternative to the other candidate that didn’t come. Thank you to the audience who joined in and made the hustings work, and of course a massive thank you Heather Saunders and Glamis Hall for all your hard work and for hosting the hustings.

To find out more about Wellingborough Hustings visit their website at

Litter Picking Queensway Park

This morning Wellingborough Eco Group litter picked Queensway Park between 10 and 12. This was our third monthly two hour tidy up and as usual it was on the last Saturday of the month. Our recycling station was based in Glamis Hall’s car park..

Two van loads of rubbish collected by our litter pickers today. Well done to all 16 of our Litter Heroes! Thank you to Sheila, Anthony L, Beth, Adam, Andrea, Suzanne, Sophie, Anthony EM, Elizabeth, Marion, Lucy, Jane, Nyall, Emma, Jonathan and Billy.

We also planted an Oak tree in the park afterwards, for the Woodland Trust’s Big Climate Fightback! The location for the tree was chosen by Sheila, who lives nearby. She can see this tree from her house and hopes that it will thrive next to the brook that runs through the park.

For more information see our Facebook event at:

Litter Picking – Wellingborough Eco Group

This Saturday morning 30th November Wellingborough Eco Group will be litter picking in Queensway Park. We will be setting up from 9:30 in Glamis Hall’s car park to litter pick between 10 and 12. Look out for our recycling station and for our yellow hi-vis vests.

Wellingborough Norse have kindly agreed to lend us the equipment and to collect the rubbish. We will of course recycle as much as we can.

Our monthly two hour tidy up this month is to litter pick this well used park in Wellingborough, and we plan to carry out litter picks on the last Saturday of every month, except December. Litter pickers this month decide where the next location will be next month.

Join us to make Queensway Park tidier for the hundreds of people that walk through and a healthier place to live for wildlife too. All welcome!

To keep up to date with all of our activities join Wellingborough Eco Group at

Wellingborough Hustings

Further to our coverage of the General Election that is asking candidates to commit to our demands and for environmental statements; we are helping to organise a hustings event in Wellingborough.

We are doing this to give local people have the opportunity to meet the candidates and to ask them questions about their views and policies on issues that matter to them. We will also make sure that candidates are questioned about the Climate Crisis..

The event is called ‘Wellingborough Hustings’ and it takes place on Thursday 5th December at 7:30pm in Glamis Hall, Goldsmith Road, Wellingborough.

Questions for the event are to be submitted before the event, by email to Please do send your questions to make our hustings about the issues that you care about.

Extinction Rebellion Stall at Northants Vegan Fair

Northants Vegan Fair

We held a stall on Sunday at Northants Vegan Fair and invited everyone to could come and have a chat about Extinction Rebellion.

Our stall was at the event hosted by Animals in Need in Little Irchester, from 12 till 4.

It was great talking to everyone about our protests locally, Wellingborough Eco Group and about the recent International Rebellion in London. There was lots of interest from people, including some from Ware in Hertfordshire and Milton Keynes.

Lots of great food stalls were also there

Obviously most came for the food, but it’s good to see Vegans are really aware of what we are doing and why we are protesting, with most supporting us, some pledging to join us on future actions and a few joining our eco group.

Emma, who helped on our stall, said: “It was a really interesting day, with lots of like minded people, and lots of lovely food”

Thank you Emma, Judy, Jane and Billy for helping on the stall. Great also to see Sophie and Anthony from our group and Dez and Charlotte from XR Kettering.

Animals in Need

And of course we were at the wonderful Animals in Need, where many people came to see the animals and adopted a few. They also raised a fabulous £3,640 for the animals in their care! You can find out more about them at

Repair Cafe 1

Wellingborough Eco Group and Glamis Hall hosted our first Repair Cafe on Saturday, during the Indoor Car Boot Sale.

Our fabulous five fixers repaired 25 items, including vacuum cleaners, toasters, a microwave, 3 laptops, a tablet and various items of clothing.

Thank you to our repairers Andrew, Ata, Jane, Jonathan and Simon for saving local people money and saving salvageable items from going to landfill. Thanks to Judy for being there to demonstrate making cleaning products from eco sources.

Thank you to Marion and Viv for helping, plus Sophie and Anthony, Anthony L, Joanne, Karen and Emma from the group for coming. Also great to see BBC Radio Northampton too!

Here is a small selection of the photos that we took:

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed out! Our next Repair Cafe will be on Saturday 11th January from 9am-12 midday, at Glamis Hall during the Indoor Car Boot Sale. See you then…

Wellingborough Carbon Footprint

Here’s how Wellingborough scored in a  Friends of the Earth climate-friendly test of all boroughs in the UK

Wellingborough: 60%

The Wellingborough area’s performance on climate change is poor compared to other local authority areas. All local authorities, even the best performing, need to do much more if climate catastrophe is to be averted. Wellingborough particularly needs to do much better on increasing the use of public transport, cycling, and walking, improving home insulation, and increasing tree cover.

Score breakdown:

  • Trees

5% of Wellingborough is woodland

The highest proportion in similar areas is 20%. Trees are great at removing carbon from the air around us. Doubling tree cover across the country would help reduce emissions.

  • Transport

16% of commuter journeys are made by public transport, cycling and walking

Wellingborough should aim for 60% by 2030. We need fewer vehicles on the roads – they increase air pollution and are harmful to our health.

  • Housing

44% of Wellingborough homes are well insulated

Poorly insulated homes cost more to run, which is inefficient and contributes to fuel poverty. Wellingborough needs to ensure all homes are properly insulated by 2030.

  • Waste

41% of household waste is reused, recycled, or composted

When waste isn’t reused, recycled or composted, it may end up burnt, in landfill or even in our waterways and seas. Wellingborough should aim for 70% by 2025 on the path to zero waste.

  • Renewable energy

Wellingborough has 25 megawatts of renewable energy available

If the area matched the best of similar local council areas it would have 138 MW. We need 100% clean energy from the wind, sun and sea. Electricity can’t come from dirty fuels like coal, oil and gas anymore.