Minutes from General Meeting on 18th February

The meeting was attended by 6 people.  Attendees were Karen, Jonathan, Inese, Julian, Judy and someone new called Sean.  The meeting was chaired by Jonathan.  Apologies were received from, Anthony, Derek, Heather, Marion and Suzanne.  Attendees introduced themselves and Extinction Rebellion. The group focused on the following XR activities and Wellingborough Eco Group.

1- Protest, our first priority!

Our key focuses for action were decided to be (actions are being arranged):

  1. Borough Council of Wellingborough (no climate emergency and no action)
  2. Peter Bone and Westminster government (no action, opposed to climate action)
  3. Shell (due to the nonsense that they are claiming to sell climate neutral fuels)

Karen gave us a detailed report from the Funeral March at BBC Northampton/Barclays Bank (Saturday 25th January)stating there were 12 in the Red Brigade, 6 Samba Band drummers and lots of protestors. Took an hour and a half to march from BBC Northampton to Barclays Bank, during which only one heckler was heard. At Barclays Bank a ‘die in’ took place, 10 minutes in a spokesperson read out the reasons for the protest and then the Red Brigade came in and looked over the dead protestors. Karen thought the event went very well and was well organised.

2- Wellingborough Eco Group

We talked about the following upcoming events:

– ‘Become a Local Councillor’ tomorrow (Wednesday 19th) Glamis Hall 7pm

– ‘Green Drinks’ next Tuesday (25th) 7:30pm here at the Queens Head.

– Litter Pick, Eastfield Park and Finedon Road Copse on Saturday 29th Feb 10-12

We also looked at our past activities:

– Repair Café Saturday 8th February – Glamis Hall hosted our third Repair Café where our fab four fixers repaired 15 items, including a sewing machine, CD player, 4 tablets, a car key fob, a basket a food mixer, drill screwdriver, 2 laptops, a bicycle and 2 record players!

We discussed sponsorship of our litter picks, in particular with Morrison’s for the March Litter Pick.  Julian also gave us an update on the conversation he is having with this supermarket’s management on behalf of Wellingborough Eco Group, about shopping trolleys ending up in the brook, who are promising to take action on this.

Wellingborough Eco Map is now live on our blog! Some services added already, all to investigate local eco-friendly services.

– Facebook Group now has 302 members (up 16 from two weeks ago)

Mutual support for members trying to achieve a zero carbon footprint this month included discussion about the Ethical Consumer magazine that Karen has recently subscribed to.  Karen recommends subscribing to the paper copy and she can share this with friends when she has finished reading it!

3- Lobbying, social media, admin and AOB:

New – Green Drinks (www.greendrinks.org/Northamptonshire/Wellingborough)

– Facebook page, 164 up from 162 likes,

– Twitter @XRWboro, 366 up from 343 followers

Your Views, Summary and End of Meeting:

– Everyone to talked about what they felt they have achieved from this meeting.

– The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 3rd March at 7:30pm at the Queens Head

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