General Meeting Minutes from 7th January 2020

1- Protesting (first priority) 
2- Wellingborough Eco Group
3- Lobbying, social media and admin

1- Protest, our first priority!

We had a group brain-storm about what are we, what are we doing and what is going to be our next protest/action? The group decided that we should cover Wellingborough and the surrounding areas, including Rushden and Higham Ferrers until they had set up a separate group.  Our key focuses for action were decided to be:

  • Borough Council of Wellingborough (no climate emergency and no action)
  • Peter Bone and Westminster government (no action, opposed to climate action)
  • Shell (due to the nonsense that they are claiming to sell climate neutral fuels)

Anthony has taken on the role of ‘Protest Coordinator’ and will set up a sub group to work on forthcoming protests.  Anthony is currently asking activists to contact him to set up and be part of this sub group.  Future activities will be proposed at the next meeting.  The whole group also looked at previous protests and at protests carried out by other XR groups in Northants.

Marion proposed that we work on a few initiatives, including:

  • A ‘Leave Your Car At Home Day’
  • Measuring air quality at across the town and borough
  • A Climate Emergency Plan Event.

Marion has taken on the role of ‘Events Coordinator’ for Extinction Rebellion Wellingborough for the above; also for a Solar Co-op event and for talking libraries for Wellingborough Eco Group (detailed below) Marion is currently asking activists to contact her to be part of a sub group to organise these events. 

2- Wellingborough Eco Group

We had a group brain-storm about what activities do everyone wanted to do this year.  Currently we are going to do the following activities:

  • Litter pick on Saturday 25th January in Croyland Park
  • Tree Planting – to plant more trees in Croyland Park after litter pick…
  • Repair Café on Saturday 12th January in Glamis Hall, 7 repairers booked in.
  • Christmas Tree recycling is being done now, 6 collected (4 planted) 3 more booked in to collect.  The idea is that we grow the trees, them give them away to charities next year.

Proposed activites:

  • Eco Map of Wellingborough, all to investigate local eco-friendly services, Jonathan to look at setting up a Google Map and website guide.
  • Hosting advice/mutual support sessions (proposed at last meeting) on how to reduce your carbon footprint, on a monthly basis, possibly at the library.
  • Tree Planting (proposed by Inese) Planting a copse in Croyland Park
  • A Solar Co-op event (proposed by Marion) looking at the possibility of setting one up in Wellingborough.
  • Talking Libraries (proposed by Marion) community events that get people from all age groups and communities talking to each other, sharing their knowledge and experiences.

‘Wellingborough Eco Group’ Facebook Group now has 233 members (up 17 from four weeks ago)

Mutual support for members trying to achieve a zero carbon footprint was discussed.

3- Lobbying, social media and admin:

  • Facebook page, 150 up from 146 likes, 162/158 follows
  • Twitter now set up @XRWboro, 312/292 followers

Judy has taken over the cash tin, and will now act as out treasurer.  All future expenses and donations will go through her.  A donation of £34 will be given to Glamis Hall on Saturday from November’s Repair Café.  With the exception of Wellingborough Hustings, all other expenses have now been paid.

Your Views, Summary and End of Meeting:

Everyone talked about what they felt they have achieved from this meeting.

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 21st January at 7:30pm at the Queen’s Head on Broad Green, everyone is welcome.

(Minutes from previous meetings can be viewed on out minutes page.)

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