Wellingborough Carbon Footprint

Here’s how Wellingborough scored in a  Friends of the Earth climate-friendly test of all boroughs in the UK

Wellingborough: 60%

The Wellingborough area’s performance on climate change is poor compared to other local authority areas. All local authorities, even the best performing, need to do much more if climate catastrophe is to be averted. Wellingborough particularly needs to do much better on increasing the use of public transport, cycling, and walking, improving home insulation, and increasing tree cover.

Score breakdown:

  • Trees

5% of Wellingborough is woodland

The highest proportion in similar areas is 20%. Trees are great at removing carbon from the air around us. Doubling tree cover across the country would help reduce emissions.

  • Transport

16% of commuter journeys are made by public transport, cycling and walking

Wellingborough should aim for 60% by 2030. We need fewer vehicles on the roads – they increase air pollution and are harmful to our health.

  • Housing

44% of Wellingborough homes are well insulated

Poorly insulated homes cost more to run, which is inefficient and contributes to fuel poverty. Wellingborough needs to ensure all homes are properly insulated by 2030.

  • Waste

41% of household waste is reused, recycled, or composted

When waste isn’t reused, recycled or composted, it may end up burnt, in landfill or even in our waterways and seas. Wellingborough should aim for 70% by 2025 on the path to zero waste.

  • Renewable energy

Wellingborough has 25 megawatts of renewable energy available

If the area matched the best of similar local council areas it would have 138 MW. We need 100% clean energy from the wind, sun and sea. Electricity can’t come from dirty fuels like coal, oil and gas anymore.

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